17 December 2015


Texting while driving need to be stopped.Is it really important to stay connected during the duration of our days?
According to Ian Mulgrew, a journalist from Canada, most accidents are cause on distraction while driving which were contributed by the usage of cell phone.
Many drivers nowadays are having such demanding lives and never get enough time to finish them all in one day.
Thus, the driver’s sort out the dilemma by doing it on the road while driving. There are numerous law created to prevent distracted driving from happening, still, the acts did nothing to stop it.

“Replying to your
friends or family text is
not nearly as
important as your life or
someone else”

No matter how old or young they are, driving while texting should not be under circumstances be performed on the road.
Using cell phone while driving will not only harms the pedestrians but the passenger you are carrying.
One reason why many people are against texting while driving is the number of car accidents it contributed yearly. While driving, people such as adult and teenagers are finding it hard to resist picking up their cellphone and send text to one and another.
The vibration and the ringing tone only contributed the urge to check the notification while driving.
As soon as the driver’s eye are in contact with the phone, their focus are shifted away from the roads.
According to a research done in 2009, 5 474 lives were lost while 448 000 people suffered injuries from car accidents related to being distracted by driving.
Car crashes are 4 times more likely to occur while the driver is using their phone over any other causes. Most people does not realize the severity of being careless while driving.
According to Bret Schulte, talking on cell phone is not as dangerous as texting these days.
While talking on the phone, it is easier to keep your eyes on the road, but when drivers start engaging text sending that is a different story.
Mainly because it is not possible to look in both directions simultaneously, in which the focus are drawn directly to the phone screens.
It’s difficult for all drivers, especially teenagers, to put down the cell phone and both their hands on the steering wheel, which may results in many car crashes.
Even with the majority people are backing up the law on the banning texting while driving.
Many people feel that staying connected to the outside world is much more beneficial that focusing on the road ahead, although it isn’t.
It can however, harms other pedestrian and other drivers who are doing nothing than reaching their destinations.
If people are serious about the causes of driving while texting, less vehicle accidents would happen every year and the roads would a safer place.
Drivers that compromised their focus on the phone instead on the road need to know the position they put others in as well as themselves.

While driving behind a wheel drivers should never remove themselves from the front view of the road.

25 November 2015

The Paradox in Malaysian Online Journalism

An article called The Paradox in Malaysian Online Journalism that was written by Dr Rahmat Ghazali, have given me a new context on freedom of speech and cyber information. Based on the concept or idea that Dr Rahmat has wrote in his blog SuaraMurba.blogspot, bottom line, we think that freedom of press and cyber information is a necessity but is it really true? To further this, the meaning of Paradox is apparently self-contradictory statement, the underlying meaning of which is revealed only by careful scrutiny. The purpose of a paradox is to arrest attention and provoke fresh thought (George Orwell, 1945).
DR. Rahmat said in his articles stated that the freedom of media and the influences on the internet have given so many positive and negative impacts on society and also to our nation. We can’t argue more with the idea was internet is our new medium to search for entirely everything, to what come worst to the most good things.
I couldn’t agree more that because of our complicated social interracial interactions that involves many aspects, and various methods the government has enacted to control the media, like the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, online journalism is certainly a saving grace for the weak, for the voiceless to express themselves. To make themselves heard.
But according to Malaysian Insider in their articles stated  that  Malaysian on press freedom has drops to 147 in 2014 compared to 2013 Malaysia was ranked at 145 ut of 179 countries, dropping 23 spots from the previous year. Lim, who is also Gelang Patah MP, said Malaysia's ranking would have been worse if the government's latest move in supressing press freedom had been taken into account, referring to the Home Ministry's decision to reject publisher Edge Communications Sdn Bhd's application for a newspaper permit recently.

According to this article, Dr Rahmat also mentioned that as soon as AKM 1998 was enshrined, there were a lot of websites such as Mahafiraun, Mahazalim and many more saying bad things and in other words mocking our previous Prime Minister. I, as a Malay am ashamed as the values that was imprinted in us was forgotten. Harsh words and curses that sometimes we cannot even imagine saying to a person is written in the internet. Is this the impact that freedom of press and cyber information give us? Is this the education that we get from these social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are considered as normal? You decide.
Even with the internet providing anyone with access unlimited source of information, these commentaries by individuals are almost always written emotionally, no solid facts, biases are present in sentences and formed from baseless rumors.
So surprisingly that our previous Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Muhammad have said that if he once become a Prime Minister again he will censorship the Internet Usage because he regret that he don’t censored when he was a Prime Minister back then. But why Dr Mahathir, which promotes the growth of the Internet and public access in Malaysia, and also promised to keep it free now changed his mind?
Here is the real reason why he wants to censor the Internet:
So that the opposition did not have a place to highlight their propaganda and news to the people. Internet equalized in terms of media access to the opposition and those who were hungry for news. Without the internet, the opposition has only lectures, articles and faxed statement that only some of the parties only have access to it. However, with the internet, coupled with a mobile phone, spread the information was all right.
In his article, Dr. Rahmat Ghazali had wrote due to the support of the enactment of CMA 1998, it had caused “an explosion of online journalism” for the free of the press and it was the time when many had the freedom to voice out, to which he continued, “That was the period when we could see the minorities, the NGOs, civil and human rights activists, intellectuals as well as politicians across different ethnic background taking part in online journalism to have their voices communicated and be informed.” And up until today, it hasn’t stopped since.
I agree wholeheartedly with the Dr’s comment. Online journalism has indeed give democracy a space in our country, but it in turn has given chance to unknown enemies a tool to manipulate and create chaos within the country using the sensitivity that comes with being a multiracial country.

Statistics of how much of mass media is actually being controlled by political parties

28 October 2015

Man had died in motorcycle – car crash

Tajuddin’s body found lying in the road after he was hit by the Honda Hybrid at Desa Petaling- Photo by Fiera Rahim.

Kuala Lumpur: A motorcyclist was killed when he met with an accident with a Honda Hybrid around 9.30 p.m at an intersection at Km 92.5 Desa Petaling, here this morning.
In the incident, Tajuddin died on the spot when he was hit by the Honda Hybrid which was heading to Ampang from Desa Petaling.
Kuala Lumpur district police chief Assistant Commissioner Ahmad Adam said initial investigation revealed that the driver of the Honda Hybrid, a 23-year-old man could not stop in time to evade the collision with the victim.
"The victim who was on the left side of the road had made a sudden turn to the middle of the road to cross to the right at the intersection," he said.
However Ahmad said the approaching Honda Hybrid driver could not stop in time and hit the motorcycle causing Tajuddin to be flung from his motorcycle.
One of the witnesses at the incident, Ismail Ali, 43, said that the victim had suddenly turned around without giving any signal.
"The Honda Hybrid driver also suffered injury to the head and was sent to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital for treatment," he said.
He explained that, Tajuddin’s body also had been sent to the same hospital for post mortem.
The case had been classified under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for reckless driving, Ahmad added

27 October 2015


Tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa politik memainkan satu agenda yang penting dalam proses melakar suatu sejarah. Malahan sejarah juga amat signifikan dalam proses kebangkitan sebuah negara-bangsa. Jatuh-bangun sesebuah negara-bangsa amat bergantung kepada halatuju kepemimpinan dan politik semasa.
Malangnya, perkembangan dan pergolakan politik negara secara langsung menunjukkan kepimpinan Melayu  sentiasa berhadapan dengan konflik dalaman yang tidak kunjung padam.
Berdiskusi mengenai Politik Melayu pada abad 21 tidaklah kurang bezanya daripada abad ke-20, bahkan semakin parah dan hangat diperkatakan. Dari segi politik, Melayu kini terbahagi kepada tiga. Kalau dahulu politik Melayu hanya diwakili oleh UMNO dan PAS, kini muncul PKR sebagai alternatif.  Kemunculan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) memberikan impak yang besar dalam institusi politik melayu dengan diterjui oleh Anwar Ibrahim. Sejurus itu bermulalah konflik antara ketiga-tiga parti tersebut. Dapatkah kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia mengharmonikan politik melayu dalam era ini?
Untuk kita mengenal pasti kemelut yang melanda parti politik Melayu itu, haruslah kita kupas dahulu satu persatu isu yang hangat diperkatakan.
“Jika tiada permulaannya, masakan boleh ada pengakhirannya”? dipetik oleh kata-kata daripada Bekas mufti Perlis Prof Madya Dr Mohd Asri Zainul mengenai isu hudud yang telah diusul  oleh PAS. Mengikut perlembagaan Malaysia, hukum tersebut memang tak boleh dilaksanakan oleh kerana perlembagaan kita sendiri tidak membenarkannya. Hukum hudud juga tidak boleh dilaksanakan di mana-mana negeri dalam negara ini selagi perkara 4 dan perkara 75 dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan tidak dipinda namun negeri Kelantan berjaya melaksanakan hukum hudud tersebut. Yang membuatkan isu hudud itu hangat dibicarakan oleh kerana Parti Pakatan Rakyat sendiri oleh kerana mereka tidak mempersetujui undang-undang hudud dilaksankan diseluruh Malaysia. Kenapa? Dan mengapa? Dipetik oleh kata-kata  PKR, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail; perlaksanaan hudud bukanlah agenda bersama PKR.
Kenyataan tersebut dibalas pedas oleh Naib Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi  “Inilah sikap sebenar mereka, menentang hukum Islam dan mahu menegakkan sebuah negara sekular semata-mata. “Sikap toleransi dan hormat-menghormati tidak ada dalam prinsip perjuangan mereka,” katanya.   Kenyataan dari UMNO tersebut ibarat mencurah minyak ke dalam api kepada dua parti politik tersebut. Sehubungan dengan itu adakah masih relevan hubungan yang akrab antara PAS dan PKR? Dan adakah PAS masih ingin meneruskan perjuangan mereka untuk melaksanakan hudud? Malah bagi memperjuangankan syariat islam didalam negara kita?
Selepas hukum hudud mendominasi media-media di Malaysia dan juga antarabangsa, negara sekali lagi dikejutkan dengan kenyataan yang berbaur ancaman terhadap perdana menteri kita iaitu Datuk Seri Najib Razak oleh bekas mantan perdana menteri Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir dengan isu-isu seperti satu pembatalan pemberian BR1M dan satu lagi bina jambatan bengkok di Tambak Johor ke Singapura.
Malahan jambatan bengkok itu juga menjadi punca utama Dr Mahathir mengkritik Tun Abdullah Badawi dulu hingga membawa kepada perletakan jawatannya sebagai Perdana Menteri. Adakah permasalahan tersebut akan membuatkan Najib meletakkan jawatannya?
Selepas itu, Najib sekali lagi dihenyak oleh Dr. M dengan mengatakan kritikannya terhadap Najib ialah Umno dan Barisan Nasional (BN) akan kalah dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang jika Najib tidak meletak jawatan sebagai perdana menteri. Dr Mahathir berkata Najib lebih teruk daripada Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, perdana menteri kelima yang dibantunya turun untuk memberi laluan kepada Najib. Isu tersebut melihatkan situasi Najib ibarat kacang lupakan kulit.  Kita sudah tahu bahawa kedudukan  Sabah dan Sarawak kini tidak lagi selamat, tidak lagi deposit tetap BN. Adakah tidak masuk akal menjangkakan BN kalah pada 2018? Persoalan demi persoalan meniti dibibir Dr. Mahathir mengenai relevankah lagi Najib sebagai perdana menteri Malaysia.
Konflik demi konflik diterokai oleh Dr. Mahathir, dimana soal  BR1M yang tidak lagi significant dimatanya oleh kerana, beliau beranggapan bahwa beliau inginkan kerajaan Malaysia untuk meningkatkan pendapatan rakyat Malaysia dengan cara menyediakan lebih banyak peluang pekerjaan dan bantuan perniagaan yang diperlukan rakyat Malaysia ketika ini sekaligus mampu meningkatkan produktiviti rakyat dan negara berbanding pemberian tunai daripada kerajaan yang sebenarnya berasal daripada kalangan duit pembayar cukai di Malaysia.
Bukan itu sahaja, malah BRIM juga menyebabkan rakyat terlalu bergantung harap kepada kerajaan dan juga melemahkan karakter rakyat dan mengurangkan daya saing rakyat Malaysia dalam membentuk masyarakat yang innovatif. Namun dari sudut pandang lain, BRIM dilihat sebagai umpan yang diberikan kepada ikan, retoriknya, hanyalah menjadi umpan untuk memancing undi semata-mata.  Jikalau ikan yang ditunggu-tunggu tiada, apa akan terjadi selepas itu kepada rakyat? Apakah rakyat masih ingin setia terhadap kerajaan persekutuan?
Tun Mahathir dilihat antara pemimpin yang paling radical dan lantang menolak sistem BR1M seperti ini diagihkan kepada rakyat. Seharusnya, kerajaan perlu mencari penyelesaian yang  lebih mampan dan boleh bantu semua kelompok rakyat di Malaysia, bukan sahaja golongan berpendapatan rendah sahaja. Malah, golongan pertengahan yang terhimpit di tengah-tengah bandar besar ketika ini. Ini kerana dana RM6 bilion adalah suatu dana yang cukup besar sebenarnya.  Golongan berpendapatan sederhana dan yang berpendapatan tinggi pun ada hak dalam negara.
Mengulas kembali  mengenai isu hudud yang ditentang keras oleh DAP oleh kerana mereka tidak mahu hukum hudud dilaksanakan di seluruh negara oleh kerana seperti yang kita tahu hukum hudud telah berjaya dilaksanakan di negeri Kelantan yang khususnya untuk umat Islam. Mereka khuatiri jikalau hukum hudud tersebut dilaksanakan di rang undang-undang parlimen, mereka takut semua agama turut dikenakan hukum hudud.
Memetik kata-kata Ambiga apabila ditemu ramah oleh wartawan Astro Awani berkata, “Mereka kata orang bukan Islam tidak akan dikenakan hudud tetapi apa jaminan ia tidak berlaku?" kenyataan ini sudah melambangkan bahawa mereka takut akan perlaksanaan hukum hudud. Namun di mana justifikasi pihak PKR? Adakah mereka juga turut sama menyertai DAP? PKR dilihat membisu dalam membahaskan isu hukum hudud.  Adakah masih relevan PKR sebagai sebuah parti dengan tiadanya tunjang belakang mereka, Anwar Ibrahim.

Secara konklusinya, Sampai bilakah Melayu atau rakyat atau pemimpin Malaysia akan bersikap apologetik seperti ini? Apakah ini petanda Melayu akan pupus 50 tahun daripada sekarang? Apakah senario politik negara ini dapat diharmonikan semula? Tentulah ia tidak semudah yang difikirkan. Malang sekali, jika ada satu pihak cuba untuk berbaik-baik dengan pihak yang lain, ia ditentang habis-habisan. Politik melayu tidak pernah surut dengan konflik. Malahan semua isu turut dipolitikkan. Hatta isu kemalangan jalanrayapun menjadi isu politik.Bukankah kita mahu menuju ke arah negara maju, dasar dan pelaksanaan haruslah bercorak kepada pemikiran kerajaan di negara maju juga. Apa kata anda pula?

Not Your Average Student-Athlete: A Feature Story about Husni Naim Mat Latif

“A figure stands in the shadows, her hands moving gracefully in slow, smooth dance-like gestures as her light footsteps bring her ever closer to you. Her state of subtle grace hides any trace of danger she might pose to you. In your mind, you see nothing but beauty in her movements. That is until you realize your eyes are hurting and before you can recover you feel sharp pains all over your body. You start to lose consciousness, before you could understand what actually caused you to be in the position you are now thrust into.”
“You will not know that the pain in your eyes was caused by the sand that she kicked in your face as she got closer to you, while you were preoccupied with her "performance". You will never realize that the sharp pain you felt all over your body was caused by the multiple stabs and slashes she rained on you with a weapon you did not and will not see. There was no reason for you to defend yourself, though you were well armed, for you foresaw no danger at all.”
This is one likely scenario that could've taken place during the occupation of the Melayu Archipelago (which includes the most part of what is now the South East Asian countries) by either the Portuguese, Dutch, English, Spanish, Japanese or American colonizing forces. According to Husni Naim, the woman in the story could've been from any of the countries amongst the South East Asian countries. The soldier who met with misfortune could've been from any of the aforementioned colonizing forces. However, the art with which the woman so cleverly put to use to defeat her bigger enemy would most likely be none other than Silat.
The interesting thing about Husni Naim is not necessarily how incredible of a student and an athlete he is, but how he was recruited to be one of the Pencak Silat members. He was starting his career as Athlete in Silat when he was 12 years old. He said that how he was stuck in this martial arts when his two sisters go training for the martial arts that is Silat. Since then, he admired the art of Silat itself.
Husni was born in 31 Mac 1991 in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. He lived with his family at Banting, Selangor. Now he is 24 years old. Currently study in Faculty of Sport Recreation, University Technology Mara, Shah Alam. He was busy with training and stuff but he could maintain his CGPA 3.60 and him currently in his last semester. Husni is a student that really patient in what he was studied for even though he is busy being an athlete.
“That was the best part of being student but at the same time you are an athlete, there’s no reason for me to not focusing in my study, you have to be balance, study and being an athlete is two different thing. One is something that for your future and one is something you sacrifice for.”
Husni has continued to improve season after season, pushing his self-harder and harder to not just be the best on his team, but also be the best of the entire field, and his continuous improvement in results over these past three seasons has shown that his tireless efforts do pay off.
With 12 years of experienced in Silat, he has won so many competitions in his career. First, his experienced played for Elite team for Malaysia has been 2 years, 2012-2013. This achieved in his field started when he join South Asia Competition. At first he just playing fun to entered the competition but then as a surprised he actually won the competition. From that moment, he realised that he should continue to participate with others competitions.
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Said Husni.
Later on, he joined the international level of competition that held in Belgium. Husni felt so scared and happy at the same time because he managed to meet with so many great competitors throughout the world.
“I couldn’t more excite that Martial Arts that is Silat have been great sport among others countries, and I feel so honoured to represent our country.”

THE -Type

Ahh, the “Type.”
This is the limiting umbrella under which all our romantic prospects must fall.
Perhaps you can recall a time you could have clicked with someone, only to be burdened with that thought in the back of your mind: “Ugh, but they’re not my type.”
I can certainly say it’s happened to me.
Flash back 7 months before.
He had to be conventionally handsome, bad boy kinda type, and impeccably successful, man who smoke, party people and bla bla bla.
Indeed, he had to be an obvious catch you bring home to your family, and brag about to your friends.
Here I am today, smitten and going strong with the quintessential “good boy type.” That totally different than I ever thought that I would date someone like that.
Isn’t life funny?
Enough talk about me and my relationship, though.
What I’m really here to tell you is how you’re potentially missing out on someone who could be perfect for you.
We all crave change every now and then.
Typically, we satisfy it in safe ways. We dye our hair, order something new off the menu or take a vacation. It is rare we do something as drastic as open our hearts to novelty in human form.
Dating someone outside your type is nothing short of a journey. It flips your world upside-down, changes your perspective and gives you a run for your money.
I’m not going to tell you it’s easy.
You’re going to have naysayers, your patience is going to be tested and you’ll question facets of your character you didn’t know existed.
But if you haven’t learned by now, it’s amidst adversity that we find ourselves. If we’re lucky, we find genuine love, too.
Here are five reasons you should date someone outside your type:

22 October 2015

'Vampire' needs blood

Shah Alam- It is estimated that 2,000 bangs of blood are needed every day for use of nearly 1000 patients across the country and conjunction to that, Malaysian’s is encouraged to come forward to donate blood on a regular basis in addition to regular blood donation campaign organizers to ensure the blood supply throughout the country are in adequate level at all times.
According to Director General of Health, Ministry of Health, Malaysia Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said that they also play an important role in terms of monitoring trends in blood donation and use throughout the year to improve the supply of blood stock.
“This could help in Transfusion Medicine Service foresees the possibility stocks will decline that mostly happened during the long school holidays, festivities and during disasters such as floods,” he said.
He added, as such, Transfusion Medicine Service can plan and perform blood collection in proactive way in terms of blood donation campaigns to overcome the shortage.
“In accord with National Blood Bank Malaysia, have said that they really need blood donation for helping those really in need such as accident victims, patients with leukemia, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, surgical cases and also fire victims,” added Dr. Noor.
According to, Director of the National Blood Centre, Dr. Noryati Abu Amin, said that even though awareness program and health campaigns often held to create awareness but she felt it was not enough and that efforts should be continued again.
“Normally, the popular reasons behind the reluctance of the public to donate blood is the fear of pain and the feeling is actually normal for everyone when it comes to needles,” she said.
According to Amzidalina Ghazali, 38, lecturer in Management and Science University, said that donating blood to save a life is something that we could all do to, irrespective of our ethnic background and cultural beliefs.
Ikhwan Zharif, student of Public University, said that he would love to donate his blood but he doesn’t know where to donate it.
“I feel that campaign on blood donating have to do more often to make people notice about it since I notice that the poster about the campaign is rarely seen now,” said Ikhwan.
Dr. Noor added, voluntary blood donation can be made at the National Blood Center, Blood Bank in hospitals in each state as well as through Door-to- Door Unit Blood Donation Campaign.
“There are 140 hospitals under the Ministry of Health and 128 of whom work run blood collection. National Blood Center operates Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 8.00 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 8.00 am to 4 pm,” said Dr. Noor.

Gadis Mati Ditikam (Gambar ini hanya direka untuk pembelajaran sahaja)

Shah Alam- Seorang gadis berusia 18 tahun maut selepas ditikam di dada kirinya dengan pisau di seksyen 15, bangunan lama PKNS, di sini, semalam.

Deputi Superitenden Polis (DSP) Syed Kamarul Syed Amani Jamalulai Baraqabah berkata, kejadian berlaku kira-kira 4 pagi dan menurut forensik mangsa, Siti Suraya Abdullah ditikam pada pukul 4 pagi dan mati pada pukul 4.20 pagi di dalam sebuah kereta mewah.

“Polis menerima satu panggilan kira-kira pukul 6.10 pagi daripada salah seorang saksi yang ternampak mangsa dalam keadaan  berlumuran darah dan tidak sedarkan diri di tempat kejadian”, ujarnya.
Mayat mangsa yang ditemui terbaring selepas ditikam di tempat duduk pemandu dalam   kejadian di Jalan Ketam,Sekyen 15. Gamba berita- Fiera Rahim

Seorang saksi yang enggan dikenali, bekerja sebagai pembersih bangunan berkata, beliau ternampak kereta yang mencurigakan di kawasan bangunan itu kira-kira pada pukul 6 pagi.

“Rakan saya terdengar jeritan pada pukul 4 pagi seperti orang bergaduh tetapi selepas itu suara tersebut hilang,” jelas saksi.
Menurut Syed, kereta mewah itu dipercayai milik Datuk Azman Azmi, iaitu pemilik syarikat Logistik di Perlabuhan Klang dan juga merupakan majikan kepada mangsa.
“Motif pembunuhan masih dalam siasatan dan saya percaya kes ini tiada kaitan dengan kes rompakan ataupun samun malah saya percaya mungkin motif pembunuhan ini kerana mangsa telah memeluk agama islam dan juga motif  cemburu”, jelasnya.
Menurut siasatan awal, pihak polis menjumpai tiga cap jari tidak dikenali tetapi mereka masih lagi melakukan siasatan.
“Mangsa dipercayai tiada sebarang rekod jenayah dan merupakan seorang mualaf kerana sebelum ini mangsa beragama Hindu,”katanya.
Syed menambah, mengikut siasatan awal mereka Siti dipercayai diekori sebuah kereta yang tidak dikenali semasa pulang dari tempat kerja sebelum kejadian tersebutr berlaku.
Mayat mangsa telah dibawa ke Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah(HTAR) untuk dibedah siasat.

18 September 2015


Hi. Dear reader, I'm Illiya Zhafiera Rahim. A degree student of Mass Communication (Journalism) in University Of Technology Shah Alam, Malaysia and also a writer, recently.