27 October 2015

Not Your Average Student-Athlete: A Feature Story about Husni Naim Mat Latif

“A figure stands in the shadows, her hands moving gracefully in slow, smooth dance-like gestures as her light footsteps bring her ever closer to you. Her state of subtle grace hides any trace of danger she might pose to you. In your mind, you see nothing but beauty in her movements. That is until you realize your eyes are hurting and before you can recover you feel sharp pains all over your body. You start to lose consciousness, before you could understand what actually caused you to be in the position you are now thrust into.”
“You will not know that the pain in your eyes was caused by the sand that she kicked in your face as she got closer to you, while you were preoccupied with her "performance". You will never realize that the sharp pain you felt all over your body was caused by the multiple stabs and slashes she rained on you with a weapon you did not and will not see. There was no reason for you to defend yourself, though you were well armed, for you foresaw no danger at all.”
This is one likely scenario that could've taken place during the occupation of the Melayu Archipelago (which includes the most part of what is now the South East Asian countries) by either the Portuguese, Dutch, English, Spanish, Japanese or American colonizing forces. According to Husni Naim, the woman in the story could've been from any of the countries amongst the South East Asian countries. The soldier who met with misfortune could've been from any of the aforementioned colonizing forces. However, the art with which the woman so cleverly put to use to defeat her bigger enemy would most likely be none other than Silat.
The interesting thing about Husni Naim is not necessarily how incredible of a student and an athlete he is, but how he was recruited to be one of the Pencak Silat members. He was starting his career as Athlete in Silat when he was 12 years old. He said that how he was stuck in this martial arts when his two sisters go training for the martial arts that is Silat. Since then, he admired the art of Silat itself.
Husni was born in 31 Mac 1991 in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. He lived with his family at Banting, Selangor. Now he is 24 years old. Currently study in Faculty of Sport Recreation, University Technology Mara, Shah Alam. He was busy with training and stuff but he could maintain his CGPA 3.60 and him currently in his last semester. Husni is a student that really patient in what he was studied for even though he is busy being an athlete.
“That was the best part of being student but at the same time you are an athlete, there’s no reason for me to not focusing in my study, you have to be balance, study and being an athlete is two different thing. One is something that for your future and one is something you sacrifice for.”
Husni has continued to improve season after season, pushing his self-harder and harder to not just be the best on his team, but also be the best of the entire field, and his continuous improvement in results over these past three seasons has shown that his tireless efforts do pay off.
With 12 years of experienced in Silat, he has won so many competitions in his career. First, his experienced played for Elite team for Malaysia has been 2 years, 2012-2013. This achieved in his field started when he join South Asia Competition. At first he just playing fun to entered the competition but then as a surprised he actually won the competition. From that moment, he realised that he should continue to participate with others competitions.
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Said Husni.
Later on, he joined the international level of competition that held in Belgium. Husni felt so scared and happy at the same time because he managed to meet with so many great competitors throughout the world.
“I couldn’t more excite that Martial Arts that is Silat have been great sport among others countries, and I feel so honoured to represent our country.”

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