22 October 2015

'Vampire' needs blood

Shah Alam- It is estimated that 2,000 bangs of blood are needed every day for use of nearly 1000 patients across the country and conjunction to that, Malaysian’s is encouraged to come forward to donate blood on a regular basis in addition to regular blood donation campaign organizers to ensure the blood supply throughout the country are in adequate level at all times.
According to Director General of Health, Ministry of Health, Malaysia Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said that they also play an important role in terms of monitoring trends in blood donation and use throughout the year to improve the supply of blood stock.
“This could help in Transfusion Medicine Service foresees the possibility stocks will decline that mostly happened during the long school holidays, festivities and during disasters such as floods,” he said.
He added, as such, Transfusion Medicine Service can plan and perform blood collection in proactive way in terms of blood donation campaigns to overcome the shortage.
“In accord with National Blood Bank Malaysia, have said that they really need blood donation for helping those really in need such as accident victims, patients with leukemia, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, surgical cases and also fire victims,” added Dr. Noor.
According to, Director of the National Blood Centre, Dr. Noryati Abu Amin, said that even though awareness program and health campaigns often held to create awareness but she felt it was not enough and that efforts should be continued again.
“Normally, the popular reasons behind the reluctance of the public to donate blood is the fear of pain and the feeling is actually normal for everyone when it comes to needles,” she said.
According to Amzidalina Ghazali, 38, lecturer in Management and Science University, said that donating blood to save a life is something that we could all do to, irrespective of our ethnic background and cultural beliefs.
Ikhwan Zharif, student of Public University, said that he would love to donate his blood but he doesn’t know where to donate it.
“I feel that campaign on blood donating have to do more often to make people notice about it since I notice that the poster about the campaign is rarely seen now,” said Ikhwan.
Dr. Noor added, voluntary blood donation can be made at the National Blood Center, Blood Bank in hospitals in each state as well as through Door-to- Door Unit Blood Donation Campaign.
“There are 140 hospitals under the Ministry of Health and 128 of whom work run blood collection. National Blood Center operates Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 8.00 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 8.00 am to 4 pm,” said Dr. Noor.

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